Fiat 124 Abarth

The challenge

Finding a 124 Rally Abarth from one of our customers from the 80s comes the idea of transforming it into a gr. 4.

The body is healthy but the whole car arrives in disassembled pieces and stored in real boxes. So he decides to rely on us as he has always done in the past. At this point the business of literally reconstructing and transforming the car is part.

The solution

Mauro’s skilled hands follow his usual instinct and ingenuity in preparing the car. The search for all components compliant with the originality of the car starts and what is no longer available is built by hand. The result is, as always, amazing and superlative to the point of arousing interest at a European level and the subject of numerous invitations from people officially involved at the time and today organizers of international events dedicated to historic cars.