Lancia Stratos

The challenge

Being a satellite team of the Lancia racing department in the 70s and having never abandoned the preparation of the Stratos, today Mauro Ambrogi is recognized as the “top expert” of the wonderful Lancia car. Numerous collectors and dealers of vintage cars rely on us to be sure of buying and then owning an original piece.

Once you have purchased the car, you decide in which configuration you want to restore or transform it.

The solution

University motors is able to supply all parts conforming to the original both bodywork and mechanics, for this reason the Stratos restored by us are faithful in every detail to the Stratos that came out of our workshop in the 70s. The exhaust 6 in 1 recognized worldwide as a brand of Mauro Ambrogi’s hands is an example.

Research and restoration of the smallest details of the chassis, interiors, suspensions and engine are now on the agenda of all the staff of University motors, putting the story from which it comes back into each car; yes, because before restoring the car, the history, provenance and palmares of the same are studied in order to reconstruct everything in the most faithful way of the time.